Type of Restaurants

Types of Restaurants in Skiathos

Picture this scenario. You are in Skiathos , you had a great day on the beach , It is well beyond lunch time and you are starving.

There are many differ types of restaurant concepts to choose from, when planning for your dinner. It can be hard to decide which concept will be right for you.

Before you settle on one particular concept, check our restaurant types

Fine restaurant

Our selection o fine restaurants  n Skiathos offer top quality of everything !

People at a restaurant

Great top quillity ingredience , cooked by experienced chefs

Fine restaurant  in Skiathos means really good food , really good portions and in general an overall satisfaction .
Not like the fine restaurants we know when they “draw on your plate” i.e. give you a huge plate with some stupid decorative trail of sauce or syrup and a miniscule portion of culinary pretentiousness, complete with a piece of parsley or carrot shaving.

This is not what you will find in our listings

There are three main areas of focus with a fine dining restaurant: the menu, service and atmosphere.


Our selection of fine restaurants offer excellent quality of food ,prepared by someone who has the skills to create a delicious meal, and an honest passion for what he is doing


You should be made to feel a genuine welcome to the establishment. I  am not talking about the fake fun-house smile , permanently  locked on their faces in most dining places  !

I’m talking about being cordial and informative. I’m at your establishment to dine and enjoy my dinner , not to become best friends with the staff.


Atmosphere in most restaurants in Skiathos is magical , by the sea , or up on the hill overlooking Skiathos town and the islands of Tsougria and Arkos

Or small restaurants can be found in narrow streets , surrounded by traditional restored stone houses

 Traditional Tavernas

taverna platanias skiathosA taverna is a small restaurant serving Greek cuisine, not to be confused with “tavern”.

The Greek word is ταβέρνα and is originally derived from the Latin word taberna (‘shed’ or ‘hut’, from tabula ‘board’, possibly by dissimilation from traberna, from trabs: beam, timber).

As Greeks have migrated elsewhere, tavernes (plural) have spread throughout the world, especially countries such as the USA and Australia.

The taverna is an integral part of Greek cuisine and of Greek culture.

The taverna has become an integral part of Greek culture and has become familiar to people from other countries who visit Greece and through the establishment of tavernes overseas by expatriate Greeks.

Dont miss our selected Tavernas , wonderful people run thos small businesses , and we believe that it will be a great experience for you

Fish restaurants




Beach Restaurants

greece-dining-590Beach restaurants are normally open all day serving lunch and dinner .Really unique atmosphere by the sea in the day time , and romantic dinner under the moon light .
Almost all the restaurants or the tavernas located by the sea offer fresh fish , and wonderful mezedes ( small dishes) accompanying oyzo or tsipouro



Ouzeri & Meze

gavrosIn Skiathos mezes is served primarily at consumption of Ouzo , Tsipouro or Wine b General in Greece, mezes is served in restaurants called mezedopoleíon or tsipourádiko or ouzerí, a type of café that serves ouzo or tsipouro.

Almost all resaturants located by the sea serve mezedes with Tsipouro or ouzo .

A tavérna or restaurants offer a mezé as an orektikó (appetiser). Many restaurants offer their house poikilía (“variety”) — a platter with a smorgasbord of mezedhes that can be served immediately to customers looking for a quick and/or light meal. Hosts commonly serve mezédhes to their guests at informal or impromptu get-togethers, as they are easy to prepare on short notice.

Krasomezédhes (literally “wine-meze”) is a meze that goes well with wine; ouzomezédhes are meze that goes with ouzo.

Grill Restaurants

Mixed-GrillGreat Grill Dinner Restaurants in Skiathos offer a formal fine dining option, … Offering a wide range of delicious locally sourced Meat dishes.




Pizza Restaurants


Who doesn’t enjoy a tasty  thin-crust pizza hot out of a wood-burning oven!!
Pizza restaurants with wood fired pizza ovens in Skiathos  provide exceptional quality food such as pizza and pasta




Giros fast food restaurants


The Giros -souvlaki is a very well known Greek fast food, Anyone who’s visited Greece will have tasted the famous Greek Giros souvlaki at least once.
In Skiathos the meat is typically pork or chicken or occasionally veal, where veal gyros are referred to as “doner” (ντονέρ).

In Skiathos and most of Greece, a “pita gyro” will contain tzatziki, tomato, onion and fried potatoes in addition to the meat. However some places offer different alternatives to the classic ingredients. tzatziki sauce as a dressing, whereas the chicken dressings vary from shop to shop but are most often a variant on mayonnaise mixed with mustard, called “σως” (sauce) in Greek.


Pitas are available in at least three types: ‘plain’, ‘Cypriot’, and ‘Arabic’ in some chain restaurants, however in most places only ‘Plain’ is offered. ‘Plain’ pita is around 20 cm in diameter and the thickest of the three. ‘Cypriot’ pita is crisp and has larger size, and is split like pocket bread. ‘Arabic’ pitas are crisp, and the flattest and largest. Gyros are also served in sandwich-type bread in northern Greece.