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The Borzoi Restaurant – Club

The old Borzoi club has been transformed ! The New Borzoi Restaurant in Skiathos – Club is been refurbished  and they did a great job . The… Read more »

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  • : Skiathos, Sporades, Greece
  • Maria’s Pizza , Skiathos

    Marias Pizza located on Evaggelistrias street , great food , great salads and service Some information you should know by visiting the Maria’s Pizza A.: You can… Read more »

    Agnantio restaurant

    Agnantio Restaurant,  beautiful  and cozy environment, with spectacular views to the port of Skiathos and Skopelos airport ….

    Mesostrato grill restaurant

    Mesostrato grill restaurant

    Mesostrato Grill restaurant , owned and run by a very friendly family offering great food and service with smile !  

    Bakaliko restaurant in Skiathos