When a restaurant advertises prices ranging from €10 to €50, it means that their menu includes dishes that are priced between €10 and €50. In other words, you can expect to find dishes on the menu that cost anywhere from €10 to €50.

The specific prices of dishes will depend on a variety of factors, such as the type of cuisine, the quality and availability of ingredients, and the restaurant’s location and reputation. For example, a casual restaurant may offer dishes priced towards the lower end of the range, while a high-end restaurant with premium ingredients and Michelin-starred chefs may offer dishes priced towards the higher end of the range.

It’s worth noting that these prices may not include taxes or gratuity, so it’s important to check the menu or ask the staff for clarification if you’re unsure. Additionally, some restaurants may have additional charges for things like bread, water, or other extras, so it’s always a good idea to review the menu carefully and ask about any additional fees or charges before placing your order.

We do not have access to real-time data and information, but up until 2021  Skiathos is a popular tourist destination in Greece, particularly during the summer months, and there are many restaurants and tavernas on the island.

The exact number of restaurants in Skiathos can vary depending on the time of year and other factors, but visitors to the island can expect to find a wide range of dining options, from casual cafes and tavernas to fine dining restaurants and seafood specialists.

Skiathos has many popular places to eat, such as the harborfront area of Skiathos Town, the busy streets of Papadiamanti in the middle of town, and the many restaurants and cafes along the beach.

Overall, whether you’re looking for traditional Greek cuisine or international flavors, there are plenty of options to choose from in Skiathos, making it a great destination for foodies and travelers alike.