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Maria’s Pizza , Skiathos ( New owners )

Marias Pizza under a new ownership team since the summer of 2020    

Locations & Map

  • : Maria's Pizza, symeonos, Σκιάθος, Ελλάδα
  • Agnantio restaurant

    Agnantio Restaurant,  beautiful  and cozy environment, with spectacular views to the port of Skiathos and Skopelos airport ….

    Bakaliko restaurant in Skiathos

    Porto Paradiso Restaurant

    Porto Paradiso Restaurant Porto Paradiso serves a wide range of authentic Greek dishes, including Kritharito seafood, salmon in a lemon sauce, traditional Greek vegetables and more.

    Skiathos Windmill Restaurant

    The Windmill Restaurant is a careful restoration of one of the oldest buildings in Skiathos. Built in 1880, it was in regular use until 1946, was later… Read more »

    Salt &Pepper restaurant

    Salt  & Pepper restaurant in Skiathos

    Taverna Kehria Skiathos

    Calma Restaurant in Skiathos

    Calma Restaurant in Skiathos ,Area of Platanias

    Ta Nissia restaurant , by the sea on Vassilias beach

    Recently renovated , Ta Nissia restaurant ,with elegance and sophistication ,offer excellent Greek food , and Spectacular views across the Vassilias Bay, the town of Skiathos and… Read more »

    Infinity Blue restaurant

    We are gathering information in order to present to you all the details about Infinity Blue restaurant Please vote and write a comment  only if you had… Read more »