Agnantio Restaurant

Traditional Greek Food

Agnantio Restaurant in Skiathos

Agnantio Restaurant in Skiathos opened in the summer of 1995. The restaurant is being maintained by the two brothers, Kostas and Ioannis, who are keeping it at the highest standard and turning it into one of Skiathos’ greatest eateries. They serve delicious Greek cuisine made from family recipes.
Agnantio Restaurant serves mouthwatering traditional Greek food that will surely tempt your taste senses. However, Kostas and Giannis’ outstanding customer care is what really distinguishes Agnantio from other eateries. These two gentlemen go above and beyond to make sure that every visitor is handled like royalty, offering unmatched friendliness and attention to detail.

They have unmatched menu knowledge and are always glad to offer suggestions based on your preferences. Kostas and Giannis will make you feel at home whether you are a frequent customer or a first-time guest to the Agnantio restaurant. They genuinely go above and beyond in delivering exceptional service, and they are a testament to the high caliber of this wonderful establishment.

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