Amfiliki Taverna

Amfiliki Taverna

The family-run eatery opened its doors in 1993. These same owners are still in charge of it now, and it has become well-known thanks to their extensive and priceless expertise in the field of true and original Greek cuisine. It is likely the only location on the island where seafood, fresh fish, and delectable marine appetizers are always available. This restaurant always uses fresh, carefully chosen, and organic ingredients that come from their own vegetable gardens to produce all of their dishes. Now, when you combine all of this with the proprietors’ extensive knowledge and the strong sense of responsibility that sets them apart, it will be clear why the exquisite and uncommon flavors you can experience when dining at their establishment are and always will be an amazing experience. It’s also important to keep in mind that there is one more aspect of the restaurant that may be very important to many of us: it provides a spectacular and unobstructed view of the sea with the renowned “Kalamaki cape” and the isles of “Small Tsougrias” and “Big Tsougrias” in the distance.





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    Accessible by Road , Sea View , Visa and Mastercard are accepted. , Wheelchair , Wifi

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