Batis Restaurant in Skiathos

Batis Greek Restaurant in Skiathos

Anyone seeking a unique dining experience in Skiathos must go to Batis Restaurant!
The restaurant, which is in the centre of Skiathos town, has a stunning view of the old harbour. The warm and intimate ambiance and stunning views create the idyllic backdrop for an unforgettable dinner or a night out with friends.
The Batis Restaurant takes pride in creating delicious dishes that are appealing to a variety of tastes utilising fresh, local products.
The menu offers a variety of options for every taste, from Mediterranean flavours to traditional local Greek food.You will feel at home thanks to the kind and attentive Christos, Eleni, and staff.. A must-visit restaurant location in Skiathos is Batis Restaurant, which serves amazing Greek dishes.

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Accessible by Road , Accessible by sea , Sea View , Visa and Mastercard are accepted. , Wifi

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