Platanos Restaurant in Skiathos

Platanos Traditional Greek Restaurant with magnificent views

Welcome to Platanos Restaurant, where exquisite food and breathtaking views of Skiathos come together! Platanos Restaurant, which combines classic Greek dishes with a contemporary touch, is tucked away in the center of this charming Greek island and provides a memorable dining experience.
Experience the true spirit of Greece with our wide menu, which includes a variety of Greek delicacies, locally obtained fresh seafood, and cherished traditional recipes that have been passed down through the years. Every dish, from delicious moussaka to exquisite grilled fish , is expertly prepared to highlight the region’s rich culinary legacy.
But you won’t be charmed by the cuisine alone. Our restaurant is in a prime location with sweeping views of the wide Aegean Sea, Tsougria Island, Skiathos town, and Arkos. The stunning surroundings will take your eating experience to new heights, whether you’re having a romantic supper outside beneath the stars or a relaxing brunch.

Come have a Greek culinary adventure with us at Platanos Restaurant while you take in the breathtaking scenery of Skiathos. We cordially welcome you to partake in a genuinely remarkable dining experience, complete with flawless service, delectable food, and unmatched views.

All visitors are cordially invited by Platanos Restaurant owners George and Maria. They make sure every guest has a great eating experience and feels completely at home with their watchful presence. Come enjoy the delicious food at Platanos Restaurant as well as the stunning views.

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Accessible by Road , Kids Menu , Parking , Sea View , Visa and Mastercard are accepted. , Weddings & Parties , Wifi

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