Taverna Tarsanas (kehria Beach)

Opening months May to October

The tavern restaurant Tarsanas is located on the beach and on the island’s northern side.
Never without a smile You will be greeted by Argyris in a stunning setting intended for complete relaxation and simply amazing cuisine.
Traditional Greek flavors and scents from Skiathos are used in the cooking.
Most people go to Argyris’ beachside restaurant primarily for his inventive methods of cooking fish and lobsters; as a genuine craftsman, each mouthful melts in the tongue.
We heartily recommend Tarsanas Restaurant on the Beach, which has been rated as one of the top five restaurants on the island of Skiathos, in combination with the breathtaking scenery to create an amazing experience.







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Accessible by Road , Accessible by sea , On the Beach , Parking , Sea View , Visa and Mastercard are accepted. , Weddings & Parties

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